Process at Mitchell Studio grows out of the traditions of the architectural past, beginning with a reliance on drawing as a medium of exploration. From the first conception of the plan and elevation to the curve of a molding profile, all the design work starts with pencil and paper. That approach translates to built work that reflects a practiced draftsman’s sensitivity to the weight of a line and the composition of light and shadow. It also demands a close look at every component part of a design to ensure a consistent, highly crafted sensibility, an insistence that every part informs the whole.

At Mitchell Studio, our goal is to create buildings that are timeless but also distinctly of their time. For inspiration, we look to celebrated architects as well as local, unsung craftspeople.

Our design process starts with drawing, an essential way to express and represent ideas. At the same time, digital models and 3D printing have become an integral part of our process, leading to new discoveries.

Whether a city apartment or a country house, on all of our projects, we challenge ourselves to design something unique – a plan that organizes activities differently, changes in volume that challenge expectations, reinterpreted use of materials, or details that delight.

A focus on proportion is at the core of what we do.

We rely on a vocabulary of recognizable forms and details that are an expression of heritage, climate, and locally available materials.

With so much talent in the design world, we believe strongly in collaboration. We rely on the knowledge, craftsmanship, and problem-solving abilities of the skilled trades who execute our vision.